Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Area


LSHG Conowingo Trail Information

Trail locations in the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Area. See key below.

Existing Trails: Yellow dots

Future Trails: Red dots

Numbered map locations:
  1. Susquehanna River
  2. Rodger's Tavern
  3. Concord Point
  4. Havre de Grace
  5. Principio Iron Works
  6. Susquehanna & Tidewater Canals
  7. Rock Run Mill
  8. Hosanna Underground Railroad
  9. Gravel Hill Church Graveyard
  10. Perryville Train Station
  11. John Wilkes Booth grew up
  12. Concord Point Lighthouse
  13. Cal Ripkin Stadium
  1. Lockhouse
  2. Skipjack Martha Stewart
  3. Maritime Museum
  4. R. Madison Mitchell Decoy Museum
  5. The Graw Race Track
  6. Paw Paw Museum
  7. Steppingstone Museum
  8. Amoss Agricultural Center
  9. Perrypoint Veterans Museum
  10. Bainbridge Naval Training Center Museum
  11. Army Ordinance Museum at APG
  12. Conowingo Dam
  13. Mouth of Susquehanna River